Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 


To foster innovation and entrepreneurship within the student body and to allow for a continuous ecosystem that will harbor the entrepreneurial spirit within the Tufts dental community.

With our society we look forward to building a lifelong community that connects Tufts University Dental students with the rest of the Tufts University body, Alumni, faculty, and mentors they need to pursue their entrepreneurial goals.

2021-2022 E-board Contacts

President: Madi Alassadi, (IS22)   

Vice president:  Zeynep Yozgyur, (D23)

Treasurer: Yohan Arambapaula, (IS22)

Secretary: Dhiraj Panjwany, (IS22)  

Events and Social Media Officer: Nikolin Ropi, IS22)

D23 liaison: Nilufar Gorek, (D23)

D24 liaison: Michelle Lee, (D24) 

Organization advisor: Omar Harmouche, (D21)

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Gerard Kugel