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Tufts Dental Entrepreneurship (TDE) Club Proposal

Mission Statement:

Tufts Dental Entrepreneurship Club is a student-centered and faculty-guided organization that promotes entrepreneurial activity at Tufts Dental. We want to encourage both students and faculty to think up and develop concepts and products that push the boundaries of dentistry. Networking and information sharing between faculty, local entrepreneurs, dental professionals, and students cultivates a culture where original thought and entrepreneurship is encouraged. This community and culture is vital for Tufts to remain at the forefront of dental technology and innovation in the field of dentistry.

Our first year as a club was very successful. We hosted quarterly events where entrepreneurs and investors came to speak at Tufts Dental. They meet with students, discussed their experience, and shared information about the startup industry. Over the course of the year, innovative concepts were presented both by students and faculty members to be vetted and developed by the club. One club member was a finalist in the Tufts $100K New Ventures Competition. Another group of students joined with a local NGO to start a humanitarian program in Guatemala. The club’s activity also may result in Tufts Dental adopting new technology to help students prepare and study for board exams. Lastly, with sound fiscal management, the club operated under budget last year.

Executive Board 2017-2018:
President: Saam Bozorg
Vice President: Ramin Movafaghi
Secretary: Soroush Samimi
Technology Officer: Pouya Namiranian
Treasurer: Nathaniel Reimers

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Gerard Kugel