Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 

Thanks for stopping by! We are the TUSDM Endodontic Society. Our faculty advisor is assistant professor of endodontics, Dr. Steven D. Kaminsky.
About Us: The Endodontics Society encourages a deeper understanding of the field of endodontics. With the help of a faculty mentor and post-doctoral residents, the Endodontics Society affords dental students the opportunity to meet professionals and mentors in the field, attend supplementary lectures, and learn more about the lifestyle of a practicing endodontist. Additionally, the Endodontics Society serves as an open forum to discuss research articles with current professionals and gain insight into how new research will impact the practice of Endodontics.
Tufts Endodontic Society has also striven to establish a connection with the local community.  As dental students, we believe that giving back is a huge part of our professional role, and this remains one of our main goals. With the support of the faculty and residents, our members have developed the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to implement a program dedicated to endodontic dental education. Our members meet with local schools in the Boston area to donate Save-a-Tooth preservation kits and educate them about the easy steps they can take in an emergency. This in turn can make a huge difference in the outcome of an avulsed tooth.
Mission Statement: To enhance students’ knowledge base of the field of Endodontics, to develop their skill set both clinically and pre-clinically, to provide them with a resource regarding the clinical practice of Endodontics, and to educate them on the recent technological developments relevant to the field; all in an organized setting which promotes discussion and an interdisciplinary approach to patients’ dental care.
Upcoming Events:
–    December 8-12, 2014: Fundraising holiday bake sale
–    February 2015: Speaking at local elementary schools about Save-A-Tooth kits
–    Spring 2015: Endodontic Society Cookbook Pre-sale Round 2 (stop back for more details in the near future!!)
Executive Board:
–    Faculty Advisor: Steven D. Kaminsky, DMD
–    President: Lauren Marzouca
–    Vice President: Yamila Garber
–    Secretary: Leila Asnaashari
–    Treasurer: Mark Ritchie
–    Community Outreach Chair: John Constantine