Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 

The Student Professionalism and Ethics Association in Dentistry (SPEA) is a national, student driven association that was established to promote and support students’ lifelong commitment to ethical behavior in order to benefit the patients they serve and to further the dental profession.

The objectives of the Association are:
1. Act as a support system for students in strengthening their personal and professional ethics by providing a resource for ethics education and development.
2. Fostering a non-punitive, open-forum environment for ethics discussion.
3. Promoting awareness of ethics standards and related issues within dentistry.
4. Collaborating with leadership of the dental profession to effectively advocate for our members in securing successful futures for themselves.

The Tufts chapter of SPEA exists as a link to the national association, providing a space for events, connections, and encouragement of ethical actions and thought at Tufts Dental School.

Chapter Officers 2019 – 2020

Tufts SPEA Faculty Advisors:  Dr. Shubha NandaDr. Kathryn Ragalis, and Dr. Steven Rubin.

President: Jonathan Candido (D21)
Vice President: Amanda Ryan (D21)
Treasurer: Jonathan Weber (D21)
Secretary: Sameer Atrash (D21)
Social Media Director: Omar Harmouche (D21)

SPEA Members

Members of the chapter are encouraged to attend monthly meetings and get involved in the thought and discussion of ethics dilemmas. Members have the opportunity to present their own ethical situations to assess the response of the group. Members also have the opportunity to get involved in leadership of the group on local, regional and national levels.

Some of our upcoming events:

Dentistry Around the World!

Night of Ethical Dilemmas

Dress Professional, Be Professional

“Junior” American College of Dentistry