Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 


The Student National Dental Association (SNDA) was incorporated in 1972.

The Student National Dental Association (SNDA) has had a longstanding goal for over 40 years to promote, aid and support the academic and social environment of minority students. SNDA strives to establish opportunities for its members to develop stronger alliances amongst one another while developing a sense of community, aiding in the advancement of minority students within the field of dentistry.

At Tufts University, the SNDA’s main concern is making sure that the adjustments needed to thrive in the dental school environment are made to foster the successful matriculation of our members through the four-year program. Through study/help groups, open discussions, and social events, the members of the SNDA support each other in maintaining good mental health and achieving academic success. The group also recognizes the need for awareness of good oral health care in the community. Through mentorship programs and other volunteer services, the SNDA at Tufts serves the mission of the national association.


Some of our events include:

  • Welcome Brunch
  • Impressions Day
  • SNDA Specialty Seminars
  • Tri-Dental Mixer
  • Black History Month Dinner
  • SNDA Wellness Plant Therapy
  • Soul Cycle
  • First Year Anatomy Tutoring
  • Christmas Social

More About Us

Questions or Concerns? Feel free to contact us at!

Instagram: @tuftssnda

2022-2023 E-board Contacts

President: Varonica Joseph (D24)

Vice President: Brandon Wallace (D24)

President-Elect: Alexis Shokere (D25)

Vice-President-Elect: Vanessa Rodriguez (D25)

Secretary:  Karmen Ancar (D24)

Treasurer: Michael Kennedy (D24)

Community Service Committee Chair:  Glory Ogunyinka (D25)

Director of Social Media/Mass Communications: Justin Nwosu (D24)

Co-Welcome Committee Co-Chairs: Brianna Hairston (D24) & Jaela
Payne (D25)

Co-Diversity Initiatives Officers: Kia-Symone Surrell (D24) & Kameron
Toney (D24)

Co-Diversity Initiatives Officer-Elect: Patrick Lockett (D24) & Zack
Thomas (D25)

D26 Liaison : Alexis Vivien

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jeanette Sabir Holloway