Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 


Smiles for Life (SFL) is an organization that brings together dental students, faculty, and members of the TUSDM community to firmly affect the lives of the older residents in the Boston area and beyond. As professionals in this field, we believe that it is our duty to take the extra step to understand how to better care for this vulnerable population. We will be promoting oral health wellness through volunteering, educational presentations, and making pamphlets and posters for the elderly. These opportunities will help us learn about the complexities of aging and the difficulties that this population faces accessing oral health care. By increasing knowledge of oral health care in older adults through different educational programs and services, we hope to forge a better connection with this underserved population.
  • Teaching the importance of good oral health education and prevention strategies
  • Designing print material, flyers, pamphlets, and poster boards more geared towards the older population
  • Having speakers come and talk about how to be more accommodating towards the elders

2021-2022 E-board Contacts

President: Maya Sunar, (D24) 

Vice President: Ashley-Fedore Blanc, (D24) 

Treasurer: Babak Senfi, (D24)

Social Media Chair: Nisha Mahtani, (D25) 

D23 Liaison: Jenny Truong, (D23) 

D24 Liaison: Elizabeth Sepulveda, (D24) 

D25 Liaison:  Nora Zakhary, (D25) 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Karin Arsenault