Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 


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Pre-Order Your Tufts Washable Face Masks Now!

Tufts Washable Face Mask Fundraiser Available for Pre-order NOW! Keep yourself protected whilst representing Tufts with these beautifully soft, washable, double/triple-layered, antimicrobial masks. Uniquely crafted by the International Students at Tufts Dental as a fundraiser for students, Read more…

D23s & D24s: TUSDM Health Literacy Intensive Leadership Opportunity!

TUSDM Health Literacy Intensive, designed specifically for first- and second-year dental students, is an educational leadership opportunity that will enable participants to gain health literacy-related experience, knowledge, and skills beyond the traditional classroom setting. Successful Read more…
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Become a Poll Worker, Power the Polls!

The Poll Hero Project is a non-partisan initiative to recruit thousands of college students to be paid poll workers during the 2020 election. Elections can’t happen without poll workers. And most poll workers are older and Read more…

Become an Instructor with the Osher Life Long Learning Institute

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Tufts is looking for student and faculty instructors! Due to the COVID-19 situation, our senior citizen members are largely confined to their homes, and we’re eager to continue making virtual classes Read more…

Don’t Miss: Endo Society General Meeting!

The Endodontics Society would like to invite you to our general interest meeting! DATE:  August 31st  TIME: 12 pm Zoom link:   Details about the society, future events, and available leadership positions will be discussed. Read more…
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Box for Beirut: Donate Now!

Box for Health began with the dream of improving the lives of children in Lebanon. On August 4, 2020, thousands of tons of ammonium nitrate (equivalent to about 1,155 tons of TNT(stored at the port in Read more…
SAMDA Move Night

Don’t Miss SAMDA’s First Social Event of the Year!

We are so excited to announce SAMDA‘s first social event for the year! Since we can’t meet in person yet, we are going to host a Classic Bollywood Movie Night! Mark your calendars for August Read more…

Tune In and Learn about TUSDM One Health Organization!

Are you interested in collaborating with varying health science disciplines to improve public health? One Health is a new TUSDM organization that describes the collaboration between human medicine and veterinary medicine to combat shared health & Read more…

Student leaders: Grant Money for Community and Civic Engagement

The Tisch Fund for Civic Engagement aims to fund innovative initiatives and events that have a clear connection to civic life. We especially seek proposals that: Demonstrate innovation and creativity in addressing issues affecting civic Read more…
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HPSP: Air Force Dentists Info Session

Are you Interested in joining the Air Force? Tufts Health Professional Scholarship Student organization has arranged a Zoom event with our Air Force liaison, TSGT Hooper, who has arranged a Virtual session with an active Read more…
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Election 2020: Paid Tisch Campaign Fellowships Available

Tisch College is committed to supporting Tufts University students in all aspects of civic engagement, including politics during the 2020 election cycle. For example, this summer, our Tisch Summer Fellows program provided over 150 students, from Read more…
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TUSDM’s Autism Smiles partners with Coding for Good!

TUSDM’s Autism Smile initiative is highlighted in TuftsNow as it endeavors to create a motivational app for children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Even before Covid, the Autism Smile’s team knew they wanted to create Read more…

Are You a D24 Running for an Elected Position??

Nancy Marks, Community Service Coordinator, is offering her annual Speech-Writing and Presentation Support session for those interested. *** Open to D24s who are running for a class officer position and who would like some pointers Read more…

TUSDM Social Wall

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She wanted to see what Perio was like in the Woo. All she had to say was that she was a double jumbo!! Our purell high five! #tusdm #tusdm22#tuftsdental #tuftsuniversity #worcester

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Meet this Week's Jumbo of the Week: Diana Alberich!!
Undergraduate Education: Florida International University – Bachelors in Biological Sciences

Graduate Education: Barry University – Masters in Biomedical Sciences

Favorite Thing about TUSDM/Why you chose Tufts: I chose TUSDM because it is an institution that truly cares about diversity within the student body. Administration and staff at TUSDM care about your story and your struggle. While interviewing at other dental schools it many times feels as if you’re going on a job interview; I felt as if other schools weren’t interested in me as a human being. In contrast, while interviewing at TUSDM there was an overwhelming feeling of comfort. They wanted to know me, the person, and it was refreshing to be in a place that makes you feel like you matter. This institution allows you to believe in yourself and your voice. They make it effortless to voice your opinions, dreams, and goals. I feel pride to have chosen an institution that embodies inclusivity and diversity. They are invested in our success and our growth as dental professionals and human beings.

Fun Fact About yourself/Things involved in outside of School: I am involved in advocating for animal rescues. I have rescue dogs, some of which have been rescued from significant abuse and neglect. I have fostered dogs that have needed temporary homes. Even with loan money I have donated for surgeries and medical care of abused animals. I feel strongly about being a voice and a helping hand for injustices of all kinds.

#dentalstudent #TUSDM #dentallife

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