Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 


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Clinton Global Initiative University Accepting Applications!

The Clinton Global Initiative University is looking for higher education student leaders who are committed to addressing pressing challenges in their communities. Students accepted into CGI U will receive access to a social impact curriculum, personalized Read more…

Asian Dental Organization visits the Golden Age Center!

   On Nov 17th, the ADO volunteers visited Hong Lok House, the Cantonese cultural center of the Golden Age Center, to deliver their 2nd oral health educational presentation this semester. The presentation focuses on the etiology, Read more…

Suicide Prevention with TUSDM Wellness Committee

Join the TUSDM Wellness Committee for a lunch and learn on Suicide Prevention lead by D26 Grace Davis on Thursday 11/17/22 In Merritt Auditorium. Lunch will be provided. Please RSVP here, the event is limited Read more…

Honoring Veterans Day at TUSDM

Statement from the Tufts HPSP Student Organization: Veterans Day is such a special time for the many Americans who have had loved ones serve this great country. The freedoms that war vets have fought for Read more…
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Endurance Streets Chinatown Tour Event

Endurance Streets Chinatown Tour Event 11/30 1:00 -2:00 145 Harrison Street lobby “Endurance Streets 堅韌的街道: Resilience and Response in Boston’s Chinese Community” is a collaboration between the Chinese Historical Society of New England and Tisch College’s Read more…

Holiday Meal Donation Collection

In the spirit of giving back and being thankful, join us in helping to provide a healthy holiday meal for deserving local families. FromNovember 1st – 20th we will be collectingfood donations on the 7th and 15thfloorin the student lounge Read more…

Meet D26 Natalie Ingram: New Dental Central staff!

Natalie is a D26 from Stillwater, Minnesota. She graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2020. After graduation, Natalie worked for a year as an AmeriCorps VISTA in a rural clinic in Minnesota, contributing Read more…

AAPD First General Body Meeting

The TUSDM chapter of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) will be having our first general body meeting this coming Thursday 11/10 at 7:30 PM. We will be talking about the organization, what we do, and the Read more…
Pizza with Vermont State Dental Society

Dentistry in Vermont Pizza Party

Vermont has a “chair” for you! Please join Jenny Pitz, Recruiter, for the Vermont State Dental Society to learn more about dentistry in Vermont! Date: Wednesday, November 9, 2022 Time: Noon-1PM Location: Room 773 of Read more…

TUSDM Social Wall

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TUSDM Executive Academy offers a comprehensive range of executive education programs.
Exchange of ideas in an rigorous environment is a promise from Life Long learning !
As we speak about negotiation and leadership today we welcomed Eugene B. Kogan, Ph.D., negotiation strategist and executive coach with more than 15 years of experience enabling international executives and their teams to successfully navigate high-uncertainty environments. He has designed and taught a number of executive development programs, such as “Using Power Effectively,” “Leadership and Influence,” and “Advanced Negotiation Skills.”!
We welcome you to engage in our highly interactive executive education programs at the centre of CE/Lifelong learning and distance education and reinvigorate and ramp up your professional journey!

Featured in the picture are global thought leaders Dean Nadeem Karimbux, Mr Eugene Kogan and Dr Shibani Sahni !

#TUSDM # Leadership#executive education#Lifelong learning# vibrant community of leaders

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¿Cuáles son los peores alimentos navideños para tu salud bucodental? 🤔 A continuación, te contamos sobre algunos de ellos, aunque esto no quiere decir que no puedas comerlos… sólo que deberás prestar especial atención y mantener una buena higiene dental después de cada comida. 👇
🎄 El turrón duro: Es uno de los dulces más habituales en navidad, pero si no lo comemos con sumo cuidado podría producir pequeñas fracturas en los dientes o en el esmalte.
🦐 El marisco: El marisco de coraza dura es un alimento que también podría ser el causante de la rotura de un diente, sobre todo cuando intentamos romper una pata de cangrejo o langosta sin tener cuidado.
🍬 El turrón blando y otros dulces típicos: Los turrones, polvorones, mazapanes o fruta confitada tienen una gran cantidad de azúcar y aumentan el riesgo de caries.
🗓️ Agenda tu cita en tu clínica Dental Central de preferencia
📍Avda. Dr. Manuel Jarabo 41. San Martín de la Vega. ☎️ 918 087 136
📍Cardenal Reig, 3 – local 9 Ocaña. ☎️ 925 130 194
📍C/ Miguel de Cervantes, 71. Tarancón, Cuenca. ☎️ 969 15 02 37
📍Hermanos Becerril, 24. Cuenca. ☎️ 969 880 032
#dentalcentral #tarancon #ocaña #sanmartindelavega #cuenca

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Happy to have seen some new and some familiar faces at the Tufts Greater New York Dental Meeting reception this week!
#tusdm, #tudaa, #tuftsdental, #tuftsuniversityschoolofdentalmedicine, #tuftsuniversitydentalalumniassociation, #tuftsjumbo,

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¿Qué nos diferencia de los demás dentistas? 😊 👇
🟡 Centrados en tu experiencia: Estamos convencidos de que gran parte del éxito del tratamiento pasa por que tu visita a la clínica sea lo más agradable posible. Las instalaciones, el equipo material y humano está pensado para que así sea.
🟡 Un equipo profesional experimentado y cercano: Contamos con profesionales especializados vía máster motivados en su trabajo diario y con tu satisfacción. Tendrás a tu lado un dentista de confianza al que acudir cuando lo necesites.
🟡 Responsables de nuestros tratamientos: Nos tomamos en serio tu salud bucodental. Si nos das tu confianza nos comprometemos contigo a poner todo lo que esté en nuestra mano por el éxito de tu tratamiento.
🗓️ Agenda tu cita en tu clínica Dental Central de preferencia
📍Avda. Dr. Manuel Jarabo 41. San Martín de la Vega. ☎️ 918 087 136
📍Cardenal Reig, 3 – local 9 Ocaña. ☎️ 925 130 194
📍C/ Miguel de Cervantes, 71. Tarancón, Cuenca. ☎️ 969 15 02 37
📍Hermanos Becerril, 24. Cuenca. ☎️ 969 880 032
#dentalcentral #tarancon #ocaña #sanmartindelavega #cuenca

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Full house for our itisectionusa study club meeting last directed by our own Dr. Gheddaf Dam and the implant legend hpweber2 last evening 🙌🏼 Dr Kim our periodontist was also in attendance 😃

Had a wonderful overview of the literature regarding the need and timing of soft tissue grafting around dental implants by the talented samar_shake 👌🏼It is important for implant specialists and general clinicians to understand the difference between different soft tissue (gum) grafts, as well as have the fundamental knowledge of treatment planning implant cases that require soft tissue grafting, in order to determine weather to graft or not to graft areas that have or require #dental #implants. Our all time goal is to widen our knowledge and our experience to better serve our patients and make the best choices for/with them 🌷🎉

#continualeducation #tusdm #prudentialdental #neverstoplearning #dentalimplants #softtissue #softtissuegrafting #gum #digitaldentistry #guidedsurgery #periodontist #lovewhatwedo❤️

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This week, I've been noticing lots of frenzy & stress at school as many D4's are looking for patients for their licensure exam (#CDCA) this weekend. It is hitting me that many of my beloved D20s are graduating in just a few months, and that soon it will be my turn to go through this final stage. I think #sweets & #coffee are my biggest destressors but I know this is not a sustainable method. (Also I've been telling my #patients to reduce snacking but lo behold, I'm one of zee biggest #sweettooth 🍰🍬 lol). I need more #prayers, #bibleverses, & #deepbreaths to ask God for peace and comfort in my heart. I wish all the fourth years at #TUSDM best of luck on their CDCA and if you know anyone with good class 2 &3 cavities and/or scaling & root planing, plz lemme know asap!! Their cost of treatment will be covered and many 4th years will be so #joyful to have them this weekend haha 😆🤩
Any tips for successful dental license exam day (CDCA & WREB)? For those who went thru it and survived, how did it go for you?

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We are officially accepting D26 applicants! Come join our team and be a part of a wonderful community. Check your emails and our stories for the sign up link!

Open positions:
Postgraduate Opportunities Committee

Education research & Faculty Relations Committee

Predental Committee

#tuftsadea #adea #tuftsdental #tuftsuniversity #tufts #tusdm #tuftsd26 #tuftsd25 #tuftsd24 #tuftsd23

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Check out Tufts ASDA's bulletin board 7th Floor across the Student Lounge through the month of November! 🍁 🍂 🐿

Feel free to write what you are thankful for if you happen to pass by our bulletin board 🥰

Special thanks to our D25 and D26 Reps, Emely and Stacy for decorating! We are grateful for the two of you!

#tuftsasda #tuftsdental

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𝑴𝒆𝒆𝒕 𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝒘𝒆𝒆𝒌’𝒔 𝑱𝑼𝑴𝑩𝑶 𝒐𝒇 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒘𝒆𝒆𝒌, 𝑲𝒂𝒎𝒆𝒓𝒐𝒏 𝑻𝒐𝒏𝒆𝒚!

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Positions of Leadership:
AAPD – Treasurer
Autism Smile – President-Elect
SNDA – Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives Co-chair
SPEA – Treasurer

Favorite things about Tufts/Boston: The vast amount of clinical experience we get with patients from a plethora of different background and talking with the faculty staff, getting to know them and their stories.

Fun Fact(s) and/or hobbies: I like to play chess, learn new languages, and watching Broadway productions in Boston

#tusdm #dentalcentral

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Hello Jumbos,

The Tufts ADEA chapter is happy to announce our D1 “Meet and Greet”which is happening next Friday. Join this event for a short presentation followed by a chance to chat with the current members of the E-board. This is a great opportunity to learn more about ADEA and see how you can get involved.
When: Friday November 4th at 12 pm
Where: Rachel’s Auditorium (1414)
Lunch will be provided
The RSVP form will be sent to your tufts emails shortly!
#adea #tusdm #tuftsdental #tuftsadea #adeachapters #adeachapter #tusdm2022

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The dentist is in!
This custom piece will be hanging in a dental office in New Jersey and we couldn’t be happier.
Get in touch and let us make a special window for you.

Glass Over Teakettle:
Alway hand-cut.
Always original.
Always awesome.

#dentist #dental #tusdm
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#business AND #comedy? Get both now at #SmileCon2022 in #Houston with #BusinessImprov bkulhan #GettingToYesAnd for #dentist and your #dentalteam #meetlearnplay #smile greaterhoustondentalsociety texasdentalassociation americandentalassociation #thursday #friday #saturday #DentalCentral #education #thisisgoingtobeawesome

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