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The goal of the Orthodontics Club is to expand the knowledge and exposure of its members to the field of Orthodontics, and provide insight into pursuing a career as a specialist in the field. The club will utilize faculty, postgraduate residents, and private Orthodontists, as well as its own dental student members to accomplish this goal by holding discussions regarding various clinical cases, relevant advances in the field, recent research, and new techniques. This forum also allows for suggestions, questions, and advice pertaining to the application/interview process to be shared openly.

Additionally, this club aims to foster support and mentorship between its members and the faculty and Post-Doctoral residents of the Orthodontics program. Through these mentorship relationships, club members will be able to learn more about what makes a competitive Orthodontic applicant, the demands of a residency and career in Orthodontics, as well as the types of cases treated by specialists in Orthodontics. Members will have the opportunity to sit-in on case presentations and arrange assists with the residents in the postgraduate clinic to be exposed firsthand to cases that they would not otherwise see in the undergraduate clinic.

The Orthodontics Club seeks to provide any interested students an opportunity to learn more about the specialty, and serve as an information resource for pursuing a career in the field. Membership consists of participating in monthly or bimonthly lunch hour meeting

2021-2022 E-board Contacts

PresidentMaggie Wu (D22)
Vice President: Darien Lam (D22)
SecretaryThomas Norton (D23)
TreasurerMeredith Peterson (D24)

Faculty Advisor:   Dr. Carl Carlamere