Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health.ย 


One Health Mission Statement
A student-run organization whose aim is the collaboration between human medicine and veterinary medicine to combat shared health and disease, with a concern for ecosystem health and public health.

About Us:
One Health is a student-run organization with representatives across the Tufts Health Science campuses. We collaborate with the Veterinary, Public Health, Medical, and Nutrition schools on events aimed to improve public health. Our planned calendar includes an Antibiotic Awareness Week, highlighting antimicrobial resistance, and a lecture on dental materials and sustainability. The Cadaver Exchange (CadEx) Day, held each Spring, is a particularly unique opportunity for inter-professional education where students from each campus teach one another human and veterinary anatomy surrounding a specific organ system.

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2020-2021 E-Board Members:

Faculty Advisor Dr. Shuchi Dhadwal
President Megann Lear (D22)
Vice President Megann Lear (D22)
Secretary Sejal Shah (D22)
Treasurer Carlos Hernandez (D22)
Communications Chair Mehak Baig (D22)
D23 Liaison Nikita Murarka
D24 Liaison Peter Ong