Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 


Mission: To engage students in understanding current Middle Eastern issues pertaining to oral health and overall health. Our aim is to foster and encourage the Middle Eastern culture, traditions and customs. We hope to showcase Middle Eastern heritage to all students at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. The MEDS encourages all students to join in order to promote oral health in the Middle East and engage in Middle Eastern culture and traditions. MEDS aims to welcome all students of all races, religions and cultural backgrounds.


Middle Eastern Vibes

Movie Night

Yusuf Mosque Project

2022-2023 E-board Contacts

President: Liana Froyan (D24),
Presidential Mentor: Hayel Abdul-Ghani (D23),
Vice President: Neiman Melhem (D24),
Treasurer: Farah Khan (D24),
Secretary: Salam Awamleh (D24),
Admissions Representative: Nasreen Saroor (D24),
Community Service Representatives: Samara Aoun (D24),
Monica Awada (D25),
Nuba Afzal Siddiqi (D23)
D23 Liaison: Nilu Gorek-Yaraghi (D23)
D24 Liaison: Zahra Rahman (D24)
D25 Liaison: Verena Hanna (D25)
D26 Liaison: Yasmeen Khankan (D26)
Social Media Coordinator: Shayaan Khan (D25)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Khaled Shaikhi