Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 

The Left-Handed Dental Organization will work to create an environment for those that are struggling with operative skills/dentistry in an environment generally geared towards right-handed people. This club will focus on giving left-handed students the tools they need to succeed at TUSDM and in their career. We are inviting all left-handed faculty to join us to teach us how to properly do procedures. This will allow us not only to be successful clinicians but successful members of society. Right-handed people are welcomed. It will introduce a different perspective for them into the world of a left-handed dentist. When speaking with a faculty member, he informed us that it could be challenging finding a job in a field mostly dominated by right-handed dentists based on his own experience. He was capable of the job, but the dentist who was attempting to hire him was right-handed and did not want to spend the money to convert the operatory. Hopefully it will be possible for the club to provide networking opportunities when trying to transition into the working field.

Executive Board 2019-2020

Faculty Advisor: Frank Chow
Co-President: Lindsay Gorman (D21)
Co-President: David Mann (D21)
E-board: Lyndsay Park (D21)
E-board: Janki Shingala (D22)
E-board: Renato Bravo (D22)
E-board: Jigar Saraiya (D22)