Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 


¡Bienvenidos a Tufts HDA! This is the Tufts Student Chapter of the National Hispanic Dental Association. We were founded in 1994 by Dr. Aidee Nieto-Herman, Periodontology Dept. Our team is lead by Dr. Leopoldo Correa, Faculty Advisor and Dr. Martha Forero, Assistant Faculty Advisor.

*Promote the oral health of Hispanic and other underserved communities through improved prevention, treatment, and education

*Foster research and knowledge concerning Hispanic oral health problems

*Disseminate information to both Hispanic dental professionals and the community-at-large


Some of our events include:

  • Global Service Learning Trip to Dominican Republic
  • Spanish Terminology Course
  • Operative Help Sessions
  • East Boston Church outreach
  • Create presentations for local consulates, schools, and nursing homes
  • Distribute dental supplies to nursing homes, schools, and shelters in predominantly Hispanic communities
  • Hispanic Heritage Month Trivia Night, Zoom cooking and dancing sessions
  • Dia de Los Muertos: Paint Night
  • Small groups outing to Fajita & Ritas
  • Hispanic Heritage Dinner/Holiday Party (hopefully in the Late Fall/Early Spring)

More About Us

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Instagram: @tufts.hda

Naitonal HDA website:

2022-2023 E-Board Contacts

President: Marely Estrada-Toledo, D23 (
President Elect: Cassandra Escobedo, D24 (
Vice President: Gabriel Perez, D23 ( 
Secretary: Marisabel Correa, D24 (
Treasurer: Pamela Espinoza, D25 ( 
Social Media Coordinators: Diana Alberich, D23 ( and Stephanie Souza,
D24 ( 
Community Service Reps: Vivian Argueta, D23 ( and Adriana Iturbide Rodriguez, D25 (Adriana.Iturbide_Rodriguez)
Admissions Rep: Aldo Herrera, D24 (

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Leopoldo Correa  Dr. Martha Forero