Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 


The culture of health and wellness at TUSDM is so strong that it is integrated into the curriculum. Tufts students are actively encouraged to seek a balanced life, a goal that may seem unachievable to dental students around the country. The Health and Wellness Club aims to supplement the school’s support by providing TUSDM students with the tools to take better care of themselves and make wellness not just an activity, but a lifestyle.

We organize classes such as spinning, dance, yoga, or bootcamps. We have a Facebook page on which students are welcome to share and communicate any helpful tips they have: whether they found a new juice bar or a discovered free pass to attend class at a local gym. On this page also share wellness-related articles and videos. In February of 2017, we organized the first official Women’s Health Awareness Discussion Group, and we hope that it will pave the way for the formation of many other kinds of discussion groups in which students can seek a space to feel safe, understood, and connected to their classmates.

The Health and Wellness Club’s positive influence isn’t limited to Tufts dental students. We also have an Instagram (@healthydentalstudents), on which one can find pictures of our students working on their school-life balance.

Every week we feature pictures that our students share as long as they tag us and use #enamelstrong in the caption. Dr. Pastan, the Director of Mind-Body Wellness at TUSDM, shares recipes, photos, and inspirational messages as well. The purpose of this Instagram is to share with pre-professional students across the country that Tufts is paving the way for a shift in how health is prioritized by dental students. Hopefully, we will inspire them to follow suit.

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