Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 

Location: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Travel dates (Anticipated): Spring Break 2019 (gen. 1st week of April) 
Application Release: DUE on Sunday 12/16 at 11:59pm. Please submit applications to:

GSL Application

Assoc. Student Org.: Dentists for Humanity
Assoc. Abroad Clinic/Dental School: Dentists for Humanity dental clinic in Sonapi Industrial Park & Mobile clinics
Trip leader & Contact Info: Anthony Ho (D19) & Richard Lam (D19)
Estimated # of Students: 12-16
Estimated # of Faculty: 3-4
Goals/ Areas of Focus: Oral health promotion, preventative care, surgical care, restorative care

Powerpoint Slide: Haiti 2019

Haiti Service Learning Trip: MinHyung Ji (D19) Reflects – April 2016

Haiti Collage

A group of TUSDM students along with a few TUSDM alumni, took a 7 day trip to Port-au-Prince, Haiti this past spring break. As part of KADA (Korean American Dental Association) at TUSDM with the help of Dentist for Humanity, we were able to setup free dental clinic in various towns near Port-au-Prince. As a first year dental student, I was able to observe so many dental treatments up close and was able to interact with patients… CLICK TO READ MORE.

Haiti Service Learning Trip Part II: Paul Kang (D16) Reflects – April 2016


When I first when to Dr. Kim’s pre-trip meeting introducing the Haiti dental service trip, I expected it to be a vacation. I thought about my classmates’ Facebook pictures of them treating patients in an air conditioned modern clinic, trekking in the jungle, and relaxing in the beach. I knew that Haiti was in the Caribbean and when I thought of Caribbean islands, what I pictured were tropical resorts. The meeting was introductory, so we didn’t go into details about the trip itself. I should’ve done more research. But I was a 3rd year dental student at the moment, so I was more preoccupied with successfully finishing my first denture case and studying for my implant exam the following week. On the night before leaving to Haiti, I remember packing my bathing suit and sunglasses in my suitcase. I was glad that I forgot to pack my beach towel, because my bathing suit and sunglasses never left my suitcase throughout the trip… CLICK TO READ MORE.