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Endontics Society


Thanks for stopping by! We are the TUSDM Endodontic Society. Our faculty advisors are assistant professor and director of the TUSDM postgraduate program, Dr. Elinor Alon and assistant professor Dr. Robert Amato. To enhance students’ knowledge base of the field of Endodontics, to develop their skill set both clinically and pre-clinically, to provide them with a resource regarding the clinical practice of Endodontics, and to educate them on the recent technological developments relevant to the field; all in an organized setting which promotes discussion and an interdisciplinary approach to patients’ dental care.


  • Activities Fair – September
  • “Applications/Admissions” Webinar – October – Dr. Alon
  • “What it’s like to be an Endodontist” Webinar – November – Dr. Amato
  • “Application Process and what it’s like to be a Resident” Webinar – Recent Applicant and a Current Resident – January
  • “New Technology in the field of Endodontics” Webinar – March

2022-2023 E-board Contacts

President: Caroline Johnson, (D24)

Vice President: Jessica Endaya, (D24)

Treasurer: Megana Tangella, (D25)

Secretary: Emily Lewis, (D24)

Research Coordinators: Mariam Khan, (D23) & Lola Awofala, (D24)

D23 Rep: Neha Anpudi

D24 Rep: Leah Mapp

D25 Rep: Samuel Arora

IS Rep: Sumona Akter Eity (IS)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Elinor Alon and Dr. Robert Amato.