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Good Reads: Racial/ethnic inequality in the association of allostatic load and dental caries in children

“Dental caries disproportionately affects marginalized and socially disadvantaged populations, including racial minorities [1]. Racial inequality in children’s oral health has been documented in many contexts including the United States, where Mexican American and black children are more likely to have untreated dental problems [2]. In fact, racial/ethnic inequality is consistently reported Read more…

DRA Spring 2021 Newsletter: Highlights of ADEA Annual Sessions, Bates Day and More!

This newsletter highlights updates to the University’s COVID-19 Policies and Procedures, Researchers in the News, Bates-Andrews Research Day Recap and Awards Presentation, Recently Awarded Grants, and check out DRA updates. Access PDF Version of DRA Newsletter: DRA Spring 2021 American Dental Education Association 2021 Annual Session IADR 2021 General Session