Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 

BSRG (Bates Student Research Group)


The Bates Student Research Group (BSRG) is a student-run organization that promotes student research in dentistry and its related disciplines. Our main purpose is to foster an environment whereby students interested in enriching their dental education through research are encouraged to do so.


  • Inform students about the many different types of research opportunities available at Tufts in dental medicine, including basic science, clinical, materials, and public health research
  • Support current student research and foster the research community at Tufts by facilitating opportunities for students to share and promote their research with peers and faculty
  • Offer a range of student experiences to expose Tufts students to the latest research in evidence-based dentistry and expand our critical thinking skills
  • Help students explore their own interests beyond the standard dental school curriculum

Faculty Advisor:
Eileen Doherty

2020-2021 Officers:

Co-Presidents Alyssa Kotin (D21)
Jo (Yi-Chen) Chiang (D21)
Vice President Gina Kim (D22)
Treasurer Raafay Rishi (D23)

Sneha Prem (D22)

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