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Autism Smiles


Our mission: to provide support to parents and caregivers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) by providing resources and tools to familiarize and prepare them for dental settings. What we do: The in person and telehealth-based framework (via zoom) will allow each child and their family to discuss what to expect at a dental appointment, review oral hygiene instructions, and review the free sensory tool kit items they received in the mail. The students will demonstrate the contents of the sensory toolkit via zoom sessions with faculty and the parent/caregiver of a child with ASD. This virtual program will allow the family to focus on their child’s oral health, provide ideas to incorporate their at-home care, and prepare for future appointments.


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E-Board 2022-2023

Co-Presidents: Bijal Amin, D23 ( and Catherine Rayburn, D23
President Elect: Kameron Toney, D24 (
Secretary: Binh Phan, D23 (
Treasurer: Kaylin Thies, D25 (
Volunteer and Trainee Coordinators: Amber Courtney, D23 (
and Anna Lubitz, D26 (
Canvas Director: Hae Min Song, D24 (
PR: Nashley Martinez, D25 (
Social Media Coordinator: JeanCarlos Ferman, D25 (

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Martha Forero