Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 


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Tufts University School of Dental Medicine Chapter

The American Student Dental Association is a national student-run organization that protects and advances the rights, interests, and welfare of students pursuing careers in dentistry.  As a national professional organization, ASDA provides a forum for expression of dental student concerns.  It introduces students to lifelong involvement in organized dentistry.  ASDA currently has more than 22,000 predoctoral members at each of the 66 U.S. dental school chapters.


Organization Goals:

  • Promote welfare of dental students
  • Advocate just treatment of dental students
  • Represent needs, interests and welfare of association members
  • Identify and promote needed change in dental education
  • Introduce and promote organized dentistry (ADA, MDS)
  • Disseminate pertinent information to dental students
  • Improve dental care and delivery to all people by identifying public dental needs


What We Do:

  • National Dental Student Lobby Day
  • National Leadership Conference
  • ASDA Small Council Meetings
  • ASDA Annual Session
  • ADA District Caucuses
  • MDS House of Delegates
  • Interschool Debate (Tufts, Harvard, BU)
  • Tufts Pre-dental Day (w/ Tufts ADEA)
  • Vermont Special Olympics
  • ASDA Smile Share & Care
  • New England Center for Homeless Veterans
  • Hale House
  • Yankee Dental
  • ADPAC Drive
  • Socials
  • Health and Wellness
  • Wellness
  • ASDA Vendor Fair
  • Leadership Summit


Represent Your Class and School:

Leadership within Tufts ASDA: Class reps, Committee chairs, Legislative Liaison, and other Leadership Positions

Leadership at the National Level: Elected Positions (elected by House of Delegates or chapter delegates at Annual Session), Appointed Positions (selected from a pool of applicants by board of trustees)

Externships in Washington, D.C. and Chicago

2020-2021 Events

  • 8/12 – 8/14 – ASDA Fever Month Social Media Campaign
  • 8/14 – ASDA Virtual Social
  • 8/20 – Meet the Reps
  • 8/25 – Advocacy 101
  • 8/27 ASDA Health and Wellness Q&A
  • 9/25 Make Your Own Origami Tooh w/Wellness
  • 9/30 Wellness Workout with George 
  • 9/30 Mid-Level Providers Discussion via Zoom 
  • 10/6 Pre-Dental Gap Year Webinar
  • 10/20 PDS Dinner & Learn
  • 10/27 Dental Student Issues in 2020 Election via Zoom
  • 11/04 Vaping and Vaccines Advocacy via Zoom
  • 11/10 B&B Dental on INDBE Exam via Zoom



D21 Class RepresentativeAlexandra Penta
D22 Class RepresentativeAlia Osseiran
D23 Class RepresentativeGiang Nguyen
D24 Class RepresentativeSam Rivera
AdvocacyMentor – Sho Taniguchi (D21)

Chair –  Jamie Abraham (D21)

Mary Chalino (D21)

Vice Chair – Jenn Duffy (D22)

Joleen Phan (D23)

Member – Heddinah Otete (IS22)



D1/Liaison – Kristina Caravelli (D21)

Events – Shannon Dugan (D21)

Logistics – Emily Abay (D21)

Chair – Carla Kruyff Arciniega (D22)

Mackenzie Vasile (D23)

Vice Chair – Mehak Baig (D22)

George Hatzipetrou (D22)

Member – Shafa Nathani (D24)

Events & External AffairsMentor – Eva Sidhu (D21)

Chair – Maggie Wu (D22)

Justice Johnson (D22)

Vice Chair – Eric Lin (D23)

Dallas Huff (D23)

Member – Garima Yadav (IS22)

FundraisingMentor – Samantha Parad (D21)
Chair – Russell Smith (D22)

Vice Chair – Erica Broussard (D23)

Veral Patel (D23)

Member – Therese Abely (D24)

Pre-DentalMentor – Mehran Payandeh (D21)

Outreach Chair – Jessica Boucher (D22)

Eunice Hahm (D23)

Outreach Vice Chair – Diego Lopez (D22)

McKenzie Halsey (D23)

Outreach Member – Andy Tran (D23)

Hannah Tran (D24)

Mentorship Chair – Pooja Shah (D22)
Mentorship Vice Chair – Macie Mattila (D23)

CommunicationsCreative Director – Darien Lam (D22)
Lead Video/Photographer – Darien Lam (D22)
Assistant Video/Photographer – Edwin Scott (D23)
Social Media Guru – Alex Nguyen (D21)

Social Media Assistant – Connie Wang (D23)

Trace Matthews (D24)

Lead Designer – Shikha Gupta (D22)
Assistant Designer – Jacob Mack (D22)
Editor in Chief – Courtney Eato (D22)

Co-editor – Janki Shingala (D22)

Kathleen Phan (D23)

Dental Central Liaison – Meggie Hodgson (D23)
Gold Crown Chair – Timothy Lo (D23)
Newsletter Member – Aimee Parado (D24)

Smile Share & Care4th Year Lead – Claire Droumbakis (D22)

2nd Year Co-Lead – Binh Phan (D23)

Catherine Rayburn (D23)

First Year Lead – Michelle Stevens (D24)

Hale House4th Year Lead – Olivia Capotorto (D21)
2nd Year Lead – Anna Wang (D23)

NECHV4th Year Lead – Shelby Jackson (D21)
2nd Year Lead – Kayla Birde (D23)

Cards for a Cause4th Year Lead – Dylan Batlle (D21)
1st Year Lead – TBD (D24)

Virtual Community ServiceGiselle Clarke (D23)
Jacqueline Flynn (D24)