Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 


The mission of the AAPD is to advocate policies, guidelines and programs that promote optimal oral health and oral health care for children. The AAPD serves and represents its membership in the areas of professional development and governmental and legislative activities. It is a liaison to other health care groups and the public.

The vision of the AAPD is optimal health and care for infants, children, adolescents and persons with special health care needs. The AAPD is the leader in representing the oral health interests of children. The pediatric dentist is a recognized primary oral health care provider and resource for specialty referral.

The goal of TUSDM AAPD is to 1) Strengthen current and establish new relationships with the Boston/Greater Boston communities; 2) Incorporate interprofessional opportunities between Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics, Nurse Practitioners, Nutritionists, Pediatricians, and Psychiatrists; 3) Strive to provide opportunities to AAPD members; 4) Fundraise to provide members with necessary exposure to pediatric dentistry through lunch and learns and attend the Pediatric Dentistry Annual Conference.

AAPD members always participate in Give Kids a Smile at TUSDM!


Some of our events include:

  • Deerfield Elementary School
  • Tufts Medical Floating Children’s Hospital
  • YMCA Health Fair
  • TUSDM Pediatric Clinic
  • Pediatric Dentistry Residency Panel
  • AAPD Guest Speaker

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2022-2023 E-board Contacts

AAPD 2022-2023 E-Board


President: Andrea Boraski, D23, (


President Elect: Hae Min Song, D24, (


Vice President: Jenny Truong, D23, (


Treasurer: Kameron Toney, D24, (


Secretary: Jillian Bateson, D25, (


Public Relations Director: Maya Sunar, D24, (


Community Service Directors: Bijal Amin, D23, (, and Catherine Rayburn, D23, (

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rocio Saavedra