Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 

Tufts’ Autism Smiles’ mission is to establish early care collaboration between families, health care professionals, and educational professionals to facilitate children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) journeys into to the dental care setting. We partner with families through virtual sessions where we showcase and instruct the family and children on how to use the wonderful tools and goodies in our Autism Smile bags! Here is a video showcasing the tools we hand out! 🙂



We recently had our first E-board meeting of the semester, as well as our first general body meeting in December. Last semester we also set up at the Student Activities Fair, participated at Tufts Community Day, and presented at Quincy High School to teach families and children with disabilities about oral health. Lastly, we are partnering with Tufts University Undergraduate students from the Medford campus on an app for our ADS kids and their families. We are working to expand the Autism Smiles experience virtually! 📲


We are excited for what this upcoming semester will bring and look forward to sharing more about Autism Smiles with Tufts and our community partners!