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The Gallery One Team has been getting some questions and we wanted to share additional information with you:

  • The goal of the Gallery is to show that we are a community of awesome folks who have many interests and talents
  • All forms of art welcome: Photography, paintings, drawings, digital art fine, etc.
  • Sculpture ok –although may only be selected for virtual show. If it is chosen for the in-person show, we may only be able to show it at the opening.
  • Don’t worry about sizing your jpeg? As long as you send in a good jpeg we can resize for you!
  • Your work doesn’t have to have been created this year—as long as it shares some part of you, please submit it!
  • For In-person show: Preference is work be framed. If not, it has to have a wire on the back and look clean and professional.  If this isn’t possible, then please only send in work for the online Gallery.
  • Don’t have Gmail? Send materials to anyone on the committee they will submit for you!

And if you need any help here are some folks you can contact:

  • D26: Rana, Jamyla and Dominique
  • D25: Takara and Jeff
  • D24: Kia (and whoever she gets to help)
  • D23: Bijal and Gigi
  • Staff/Faculty: Nanc and Dainya