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TUSDM Students Volunteer at St. Francis House Dental Workshop

Read on about TUSDM students volunteering at St. Francis House for a Dental Workshop!

   “Another Friday, another fantastic dental workshop held at St. Francis House (SFH)! This month we came back full of facts and fun. Playing trivia games like “dental jeopardy” helped the folks at SFH reflect on their own oral health understanding in an entertaining and less intimidating way. We try to deliver as many monthly resources as we can, and one resource that is never depleted is our dental knowledge. These workshops are helpful in educating the occupants and staff at SFH about proper oral healthcare as they create space for a dialogue. Although most people who visit SFH are homeless with entirely different situations and backgrounds, the education that we provide is free, fun and location independent!
   Pictured: Dental Jeopardy Game”