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TUSDM had a Strong Presence at National HDA Student Regional in Seattle, WA.

Tufts HDA chapter was fortunate to send  13 students representing TUSDM at the HDA 2022 Student Regional during Hispanic heritage month. We had the privilege of having our two faculty advisors Dr. Leopoldo Correa and  Dr. Martha Forero with all the student who attended :

Gabriel Pérez

Vivian Argueta 

Diana Alberich

Jessica Valdovinos-Atala

Lara Guzmán 

Marely Estrada Toledo

Cassandra Escobedo 

Marisabel Correa

Aldo Herrera 

Stephanie Reyes

Sonya Marie Douglas 

Jeancarlos Ferman 

Adriana Iturbide 

We are very excited to announce we won 3rd place for the Crest & Oral B Orgullo Contest. This is the second time in a row we were in the top 3 contenders.

We want to take the time to give an honorable mention to our student trustee Gabriel Perez and mention we’re so proud of all he has done. He has gone above and beyond for HDA. His position ends in December and he is handing the the baton over to our very own Jeancarlos Ferman, who will be one of three National  HDA student trustees. We’re also proud of Jeancarlos a D2 at TUSDM representing HDA on behalf of TUSDM on a nation wide platform.