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SNDA Street Clean Up

Tufts SNDA embarked on a street clean-up in Roxbury, MA, on Saturday, August 27, 2022. Representative SNDA members split up into four groups to concur the greater Roxbury area to show respect and honor to the residents by keeping the community clean. The event went smoothly, with frequent words of admiration and appreciation from residents walking their usual routes near the Black Lives Matter sign. Each group collected bottles, papers, and various items while each member followed all safety requirements. It was a great success, and we look forward to hosting more similar and community-impacting events shortly! The SNDA community service participants are: Alexis Shokere, Alexis Vivien, Chidebelu Akobundu, Brandon Wallace, Brianna Hairston, Brittany Preston, Chloe Ways, Darrius Southwell, Demetrius Flood, D’andra Jones, Glory Ogunyinka, Karmen Ancar, Kazmin Stan, Kembria Mayes, Krista Cabret, Leah Mapp, Madeleine Buckner-McCrudy, Travon Terrell, Vanessa Rodriguez, Varonica Joseph, Zack Thomas.

Thank you, everyone!


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