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Army HPSP Scholarship Meeting


Welcome D’26 students to TUSDM! If you have missed the Air Force meeting, but are still interested in joining the Military and receiving a full-ride scholarship for your dental school education, join us on Thusday, August 18th, 2022 at 12 PM in Rachel’s Amphitheater Rm 1414. We are going to have Army HPSP scholarship meeting. 

What is HPSP?


Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) is a program that provides 3 and 4-year scholarships for students enrolled in an American Dental Association accredited D.D.S. or D.M.D. program. Applicants must be US citizens. The program provides full tuition, monthly stipend over $2,300.00 for 10 and one-half months, and reimbursement of certain academic fees (books, loops, health insurance, INBDE exam fees, etc.). For the additional 45 days out of the year, the applicant will receive Active Duty pay of a Second Lieutenant. You would be appointed and commissioned as a Second Lieutenant while participating in the HPSP program. Applicants will be commissioned as a Dental Corps Captain upon graduation from dental school. Active Duty Obligation is a year for each year of scholarship participation with a minimum obligation of 3 years. 


If you are interested in HPSP and want to learn more, join us!


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