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Welcome D26s!! And Welcome Back TUSDM Fam!!

We’re excited to start the fall semester welcoming the D26 class and reuniting with friendly faces! Whether you are arriving or returning to Boston we’ve included are some places to check out as well as some helpful tips to thrive in dental school! 

Boston is filled with places for you to explore. The Dental Central Team has compiled a list to fulfill any interest from sports, the arts, getting in touch with nature, and living up the city life. We also included some good budget-friendly deals for students.

Check out the Jumbo Boston Walking Tour Here: Boston Walk Tour

Time management: You may have heard the dental school can feel like you’re constantly drinking from a fire hydrant. Dental school can definitely be fast pace, but with the right time management skills, you’ll be able to conquer every exam. Here are some helpful apps + tools to manage your time like a pro.

    • Forest 
    • Pomodoro Timer Application on Laptop
    • Todist app
    • Be Focused app
    • Google Calender/iCal
    • Old fashion planner

Build a Support System: One thing that’s great about Tufts is the amazing support system you’ll have while in school. Reach out to other classmates and friends for study groups. Worried about clinical anatomy? Not sure how to navigate student affairs? Have no clue on how “drop the box” for a Class II prep? Good news; your bigs have had those exact same questions and are here to help.

Take a Breath & Treat Yo’ Self: It can be easy to feel overwhelmed in dental school. If you do, pause, take a few breaths and take a meaningful break. We promise you’ll even more productive once you feel re-energized doing a few of the activities you enjoy. Take yourself out for coffee on Friday morning or a walk through the commons after a stressful operative session! 

Wellness Program: As you will soon find out through PELD, student wellness is of the utmost importance here at TUSDM! Try incorporating mediation, yoga, or even just light reflection into your day! Check out the Wellness Committee Page!