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Why a Systems Change Approach for Oral Health? (Oral Health Systems Change Webinar Series  Session 1)

American Dental Association on-demand webinar
This webinar was recorded on June 19, 2022. View webinar here. 

This course is an in-depth look at the difference between “static,” time-bound programs and broader movements for systemic change through policy — and how funders and oral health advocates can promote sustainable reform through the latter. The section will include a discussion of the typical grantmaker’s portfolio and how a shift in focus toward systems-level policy reform can increase ROI and reduce grantees’ long-term reliance on outside funding.

• Zachary Brian, DMD, FICD, DirectorNorth Carolina Oral Health Collaborative
• Katie Eyes, MSW, Vice President, Program and StrategyBlue Cross Blue Shield NC Foundation

Learning Objectives
• Understand the difference between static, time-bound programs and systems-level reform
• Describe how systems-level reform can reduce oral health programs’ long-term reliance on outside funding
• Understand the basics of systems-level reform (e.g., legislative vs. regulatory change) and opportunities for oral health programs to engage

Course Outline
• “Static” Programs vs. Systems-Level Reform: What’s the Difference?
• Success Stories: Recent Wins in Systems-Level Advocacy for Oral Health Across the U.S.
• Sustaining Success: an ROI-based Case for Systems-Focused Grantmaking
• Why Make the Shift? — A Funder’s Perspective

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