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   St. Francis House Oral Health Workshop

Check out this awesome reflection by Alexis Alicea D24 on the St. Francis Oral Health Workshop!

“Giving our time and sharing our resources with the St. Francis House Shelter (SFH) was a fulfilling experience in many ways. We were able to not only give needed supplies, like toothpaste and toothbrushes, to the occupants of SFH but also provide companionship to others who may not have much of that in their daily lives. The community at SFH was very welcoming and interactive. They had many questions about our educational poster boards and were truly intrigued by what they were learning. I have always wanted to use my career as a platform to do events such as these and help those that are less fortunate. Now, having the platform to fulfill this purpose makes those long study nights and early mornings truly worth it. This could not have been made possible and successful without the help of my two classmates Eduardo Benavides and Nikkol Diehl. They put forth their best efforts to help set-up and breakdown as well as give their all to the SFH community; helping provide oral health education, accessing resources and guiding them in the right direction to get the oral health care that they need.” – Alexis Alicea D24


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