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AAPHD’s Family Resource Night

Thursday June 2nd 2022 AAPHD participated in “Family Resource Night” at Higginson Elementary School in Roxbury, MA. Two members from our organization, Neetu Handa D24 and Emily Lewis D24 currently serving as the community service outreach co-chairs had the pleasure of educating students and families about the importance of oral health and hygiene. The Tufts Dental table was a hit with both the students and their parents, everyone was happy to receive their goodie bag containing an age appropriate toothbrush and toothpaste. The kids have a great imagination and were having a blast showing how they brush on the large mouth that was brought as a prop. AAPHD hopes that their booth made the kids excited about brushing their teeth and at the very least supplied them with the tools to do so. At the end of the evening, the principal of Higginson Elementary School thanked everyone for their hard work and reiterated how crucial access to these types of resources are to the students and their families in the community. Tufts AAPHD is honored to have educated families and provided them with dental resources they may not have access to, we are excited to return to Higginson Elementary School in the fall for a similar resource night when school starts up again!

Pictured: Neetu Handa (left) and Emily Lewis (right) with the TUSDM booth. 


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