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Spectrum, Pride Month and Rainbow Stickers!

As summer approaches, Spectrum wanted to take a moment to acknowledge “Gay Pride Month,” beginning on June 1st. Gay Pride is a time to acknowledge of the dignity, visibility, and rights of LGBTQIA+ people around the world. Already seven years after marriage equality, LGBTQIA+ people are being used as a wedge issue to pass discriminatory laws and rile up unfounded panic across this country and the world.

With all of this, this month Spectrum would like the TUSDM community to reflect on what Pride means to them. For Spectrum, it means being able to learn, study, and practice the field of dentistry in a free and open manner. It means being able to provide competent healthcare to LGBTQIA+ patients. It means that no student, patient, of faculty should have to hide any part of their identity.

For further reflecting on what Pride means to you, please read this article

To kick off pride month we will be continuing our Pride Sticker Campaign. As part of this, Nancy Marks will be reaching out to Faculty and Staff with stickers for their ID Badges (or you can reach out to her at and Spectrum members will host another date for students to pick up theirs. 


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