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On April 15-18th, Dr. Aidee Herman Associate Professor Department of Periodontology and President of the Hispanic Internation Mission (HIM), participated at the Indianapolis Dental and Medical mission trip organized by Pathway to Health with Tufts students: Natalie Tran D25, Jeff Murat D25, Shouana Vang D25, Roosemide Saint Fort D26. Dr. Merelyn Hong, Assistant Professor Department of Comprehensive Care, and Practice Coordinator of Back Bay Clinic, and a clinical staff of Department of Cranial Facial Pain, Dr. Derlyn Ortega, DA.

Dr. Herman was a speaker (April 22nd) on a Facebook Live TV show Colores Latinos on Lawrence for April’s Oral Cancer Awareness Month. The interview was on Human Papilloma Virus, and it podcasted to international patients and dentists.


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