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Events and Dining/Food Guidelines For Spring 2022 (Effective April 1, 2022) General Dining Guidelines

  • We encourage outdoor dining, whenever possible, throughout the spring/summer.
  • If indoors try to avoid prolonged periods where groups are eating lunch “in person” without

    masks (use good judgment when it comes to proximity to others while eating in any setting). There are many areas at TUSDM where there is space to avoid crowding.

    For Department/Student Organization events held at One Kneeland:

  • Limit indoor attendance to less than 30 people
  • Book a room that has the capacity to accommodate at least double the number of participants

    (to allow those that want to distance themselves to do so)

  • We encourage conducting meetings with voluntary use of masks




  • Buffet style with a server or the continued use of pre-packaged meals
  • Alcohol may be permitted at approved events.
  • All liquids must be in individual bottles (i.e., no large/muti-use dispensers like coffee urns or

    large bottles/cartons that need pouring into cups)


  • Dining at outside venues that are using School funds must be reviewed at the Deans’ level

Please try to stay within smaller pods/practice safely when you are socializing (remember that

one positive case can still result in multiple people having to isolate/quarantine).

Approved food vendors (who can show proof needed to enter/deliver at TUSDM)

Food 4 Thought Café

Rita’s Catering


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