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  1. Is TalkOne2One confidential: Yes, TalkOne2One is a confidential resource. The school is not made aware of the individual students, or their circumstances, who use this service.


  1. How to make an appointment: to make an appointment you can email them at or call 1-800-756-3124.  Please note that this number is also printed on the back of your student ID and can be found on the TUSDM website.


  1. How the short-term model works and appointment limits: TalkOne2One is designed for short term as well as in the moment crisis support of students, but there IS flexibility in the number of appointments a student can have with their counselors based on their needs and issues of concern. If it is determined that a student needs long term therapy TalkOne2One will then also help to serve as a bridge to connect students with a long term provider.
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