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On February 13, I woke up to the lively sounds of the city.  For the first time the city has soared with firecrackers and drumming of the lion dances even on a dreary day with snow. As I was walking down to volunteer by the Chinatown Gate with everyone else,  I saw cabbage on the floor and oranges outside of the local businesses. I learned from my classmate, Michelle Lee (D24), that the cabbage represents wealth and prosperity and wards off the bad energy. Michelle and I volunteered with the medical and dental students and handed out oral health goodie bags and candies.

The people receiving the goods were so thankful. This little girl was so excited to receive Jumbo the elephant. The air was filled with pure elation from the local residents. There were vendors giving hot chocolate, books (for kids), hand warmers, dim sum, and balloon animals to everybody.  The lion dance was occurring throughout Chinatown, outside of the establishments bringing good fortune and chasing away evil spirits.

Even in the cold day, the celebration braved through representing the Year of the Tiger, radiating so much warmth connecting with one another.

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