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SNDA Tooth Games 

The Student National Dental Association (SNDA) partnered with Boys & Girls Club of Dorchester (BGCD) to host their first annual Tooth Games! Tooth Games was a dental-related field day event for children ages 5 – 12 years old. Members of BGCD participated in 6 team games introducing and reinforcing dental knowledge. Games ranged from light to moderate physical activity and addressed topics such as oral hygiene, oral and systemic health connection, diet and nutrition, dental terminology, and dental anatomy. Games and the overall event were planned and designed by SNDA members.
Members of SNDA worked closely with BGCD Volunteer Coordinator, Amy Gately during the planning process. Throughout the year, BGCD hosts a variety of events and after school activities for children ages 5-18. SNDA was grateful to be a part of the organization’s programming events. Amy stated, “The games were so creative and fun, and our members had a great time/learned a lot!”
The club grateful for the opportunity to work with BGCD as they provide an uplifting environment for surrounding communities. In addition to promoting oral health within the community, SNDA is committed to serving and learning from communities around us.



Image 1: Kids are playing “Floss of War.” This is a spin-off of the game “Tug of War.” Volunteers Nickeisha Louis-Elias, D23 and Jessica Stanley, D23 emphasized the importance of flossing and its technique.

Image 2: Kids are playing “Hidden Sugar.” The goal of this game is to rank common drinks from least to greatest in amount of sugar. Volunteer Daniel Boateng, D22 is going over the results of the game with kids. This game reinforced the role diet plays in oral health as well as the connection between oral and systemic health.

Image 3: Kids are playing “The Dentist is Coming.” This game is a variation of “Captain’s Coming” and “Simon’s Says.” Commands used for this game were dental related. Volunteers Erin Howard, D22 and Madison Wallace, D25 are teaching kids how to “talk like a dentist” by going over dental vocabulary (buccal, lingual, interproximal, prophylaxis, etc.).

Image 4:  Kids are playing “Rush to the Brush.” The purpose of this game is to brush off “plaque” from the smiles. Once the last team member brushes off their respective tooth, the entire team then works together to complete a toothbrush puzzle. Volunteers Travon Terrell, D25 and Ashley Holt, D25 are instructing kids on the importance of oral hygiene and brushing technique.

Image 5: Kids are playing “Tooth Fairy.” The aim of this game is to deliver a lost tooth (golf ball) to the Tooth Fairy using cardboard cutouts of various size and shapes. Volunteers Arika-Neal Branch, D24 and Kameron Toney, D24 are instructing kids of tooth anatomy and the caries process.

Image 6: Pictured above are some of the volunteers for the event (left to right: Amber Courtney, D23; Arika Neal-Branch, D24; Ariana Smith, D23; Nickeisha Louis-Elias, D23; Jessica Stanley, D23; Hind Elhag, D24; Gabrielle Milton, D23; Ashley Makala, D23; Nelson Martinez, BGCD volunteer)


Game Creators

Amber Courtney, D23

Mckenzie Halsey, D23

Nickeisha Louis-Elias, D23

Ashley Makala, D23

Arika Neal-Branch, D24

Madison Wallace, D25


Set-Up Crew (Not pictured) 

Alexis Alicea, D25

Demetrius Flood, D24 

Helina Tessema, D24 


Game Leaders 

Tooth Fairy: Kameron Toney, D24 and Arika Neal Branch, D24 

Hidden Sugar: Daniel Boateng, D22 

High Speed/Low Speed: Ariana Smith, D23 and Hind Elhag, D24 

Rush to Brush: Ashley Lynn Holt, D25 and Travon Terrell, D25 

Floss of War: Jessica Stanley, D23 and Nickeisha Louis-Elias, D23 

Dentist is Coming: Erin Howard, D22 and Madison Wallace, D25 


Clean-Up Crew (Not pictured) 

Kazmin Stan, D23

Gabby Milton, D23

Loreal Williams, D23


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