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Becoming a Better Leader 

In this issue of ASDA’s Contourthe editor describes what it means to grow and act as a leader. Check out what the editor had to say and visit the rest of the issue for more tips and tricks on becoming a better leader for our TUSDM community! 

From the editor

In his editor’s note, “No one acts alone,” 2021-22 ASDA Editor-in-Chief Ryan Lee, Texas-Houston ‘23, writes:

“Leadership is as much about the committee chair as the committee that supports them. Leaders count on other people, and they make better decision for it. 

“For this issue of Contour on leadership and team building, I encourage you to think about the people who support leaders to achieve success. This concept of leadership appears in all our articles. Read about how a dental student achieved her career dream through the support of her family. Learn about networking and how much leaders rely on their connections. In our cover story, find out how dentists can guide patients to take charge of their health in non-confrontational ways.”

Read the issue :

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