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As the nights get—and stay—long, it’s the perfect time to curl up with a good book. Or maybe you need a good audiobook to get you through a long commute, or even just a lot of prep cooking in the kitchen. Our ever-growing number of reviewers from the wider Tufts community—faculty, staff, alumni—have great offerings to suggest for you.

There’s something for everyone: the broad range of fiction includes short stories, mysteries, literary fiction, science fiction, fantasy, magical realism, literature in translation, classics and recent releases—even a children’s picture book.

Nonfiction sees a similarly wide reach. We have books on motherhood, personal essays, history from Lincoln to World War II, an ER doc in the pandemic, women’s friendships, words of hope and advice for activists, and a Mexican vegan cookbook, among many others.

Be sure to also check out the recommendations from a lively group of Tufts authors—faculty and alumni—in our Bookish series, as they chat about their own books, the ones they are reading, and the ones they keep going back to.

If you have book recommendations to add to the list, write to us at, and we’ll post an update.

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