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This past month, Joseph Mule D23 volunteered for a local daycare’s monthly Community Helper program. Mule organized an Oral Health Instruction presentation for the children. Below, Mule has reflected on his positive experience!

“I immediately reflected upon the differences between each of the age grouped classes. The oldest can play, understand, and answer the dental jeopardy game as well as brush every surface of all the dragon puppet’s teeth. Whereas the youngest class could not play the jeopardy game and just started to grasp the idea of brushing the teeth and therefore missed many teeth and surfaces of the puppet’s dentition. I learned the importance of parental assistance through the different pediatric age groups as well as how to simplify oral hygiene instructions appropriately for each of these age groups. Being that my son Leo was part of this daycare I have a personal connection to how the presentation has benefited the community. Since then, Leo has shown much more motivation in brushing his teeth and gives no restraint when it’s time to brush (something that would occur rarely before the event). I event caught him almost a week later, brushing the teeth of his Lightning McQueen car toy. I believe providing that visual for children to see and brush teeth is a vital tool in developing the child’s oral hygiene habits and oral health.” – Joseph Mule D23

Thank you Joseph for a wonderful reflection and for getting out there to help the community!


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