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On Nov. 8th, ADO held another Oral Health Education day at the second location of Golden Age: Hong Lok House! Big round of applause and read below on their experience there!

Participants: Yan Lin (D23), Anh Dam (D24), Gregory Yip (D25)

“I had a wonderful experience performing a demonstration on the proper brushing and flossing technique to educate the seniors on how to take care of their oral hygiene at the Golden Age Center. While listening to the concerns of the seniors, I noticed that their questions were complex and required in-depth well-rounded answers. It was then that I realized I have so much more to learn. I hope to use this experience as motivation to work harder to become a competent provider in the future to help bring awareness and educate the community and potential patients on how to properly take care of their oral hygiene.”  Anh Dam D24


“Volunteering at the Golden Age Centre was a meaningful and heartwarming experience for me. Through teaching elders toothbrushing and flossing techniques to ensure proper oral health, I gained precious real-life experience on how to be a more effective communicator. Most importantly, I felt a warm connection between us dental students and the local Cantonese speaking community.”  Greg Yip D25

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