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ADO took on a very successful Oral Health Promotion and Health Fair at the Golden Age Center in Quincy Tower on December 12, 2021! Read on their experience and take a look at their pictures from the event!

   Yan Lin (D23)
   Paula Phu (D23)
   Ainsley Chung (D25)
   Helen Zheng (D25)
   Fengjun (Pierce) Shen (D25)
   Yixin Jiang (D25)

“Today I educated local elders on the way to brush teeth and floss through the ADO Golden Age Center Volunteer event. During the event, I was glad that I could answer dental questions that perplexed them at the end of the session. I realized that my answers have a real-life impact on others and start to see my insufficiency of dental knowledge. I believe this event motivates me to study harder during dental school to become a better educator for my community and eventually my future patients.” – Fengjun (Pierce) Shen (D25)
“I absolutely enjoyed volunteering at the Golden Age Center. It gave me the opportunity to educate the seniors on proper ways for taking care of their teeth through a proper daily oral hygiene routine in Mandarin. More importantly, through interaction, my feeling goes deeper into caring for seniors, especially those who only speak Mandarin. This event helps me to learn how to build a trustworthy relationship with them through active listening and communication.” – Helen Zheng (D25)
“From volunteering at the mandarin session at the Golden Age Center, I was able to help communicate with Chinese elders and educate them on oral healthcare. Communication skills is an important factor for promoting oral healthcare.” – Yixin Jiang (D25)

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