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Attention:  Student leaders and student org faculty advisors!

The University posted the following guidance for community engagement, which has been approved by Dean Karimbux and TUSDM clinical leadership.

If a Tufts student, faculty, or staff member wants to volunteer/work in the community, they should be vaccinated, participate in our surveillance program, and wear a mask at all times when indoors. Beyond that, they should comply with any other protocols that the organization where they are working/volunteering has in place. If they are working with unvaccinated populations (e.g., children under 12), they should also wear masks outdoors when on site.

It can be found in two places:  (under Volunteers) and  (in the chart under Volunteers off-campus)

What this means for TUSDM Community Service: It means you can now go inside for community service opportunities with the following additional guidelines:

  • No screenings or oral exams of any kind
  • Please let me (Nanc) know before you go to do any community service so I can keep track.  You can use this pre-community service form. which is also located as a tab on the Home page of Dental Central
  • Student organizations/community service organizers must have a list of students who are going in case there is a need for contract tracing
  • Please complete a documentation form after (also located on DC home page tab

Please Note: These guidelines could change if there are shifts in Covid numbers and/or student organizations aren’t following the above rules.  TUSDM is endeavoring to find the correct balance in the need and responsibility to do community service with protecting our patients, faculty, staff and students.

So with all this—go out and help the world be a better place.:)

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