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Alexa play “I’m Every Woman” by Chaka Khan…the 5th Annual TUSDM Women in Leadership, organized by Nancy Marks and Karen Alexander, was another great success that left everyone feeling empowered and charged up. The virtual event had a dynamic roster of female leaders at TUSDM that shared inspiring messages to the D25 class. The event kicked off by D24 Class President, Zana Hunt who delivered an encouraging message for the D25s and graced us with her singing. This year’s panel had D23 leaders; Yan Lin, Marley Estrada, McKenzie Halsey, Lara Guzman, and Tamara Biary. Each one shared their individual strengths, showing that leadership comes in many forms.

Special thanks to Dean Karimbux for offering a warm welcome at the event and Dr. Dara Rogers for providing valuable advice.

Additionally, a big thanks to the amazing D24 leaders who created a safe space for sharing and friendship building in their breakout rooms. 

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