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On Saturday morning, Haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake. Many homes and buildings are destroyed, and hundreds of people have sadly lost their lives due to the earthquake’s impact. Haiti is currently in a vulnerable situation. The aftermath effects of the quake have also caused coastal flooding. Unfortunately, this is not the first devastating natural event Haiti has faced. Please consider donating to Hope For Haiti’s Earthquake Relief Fund. Proceeds will help to supply emergency kits and the org’s team of “Haitian doctors, nurses, program managers, and others dedicated to improving their own country.”

Learn More: Hope for Haiti’s mission is driven by the fundamental belief that there is always a pathway to a better life in Haiti despite the numerous challenges that exist. To accomplish our mission, we implement an integrated model for development that has been proven to reduce poverty by working with community leaders in rural areas in five key program areas: educationhealthcareinfrastructure, access to clean water, and economic opportunity.

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