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We hope your summer has been amazing! Below you’ll find two opportunities SNDA is offering!!

ID Badge Holders and Retractable Reels:

 We are back with our ID Card Holder & Retractable Badge Reels Fundraiser! We all know the struggle of having to reach into your wallet or purse to grab your ID & swipe into the school or library. Save yourself the hassle with the Retractable Badge reels and ID Badge holder! SNDA  is fundraising them for $5 each. The link to purchase is below:

Kente Scrub Caps and Headbands: 

SNDA will be fundraising Kente Scrub Caps and Headbands! Scrub Caps are a stylish and great way to keep your head & hair covered while operating in preclinic or clinic. 

  • Scrub Caps are $12
  • Headbands are $8.

We do have a limited amount so be sure to grab yours while they’re still available! The link to purchase is below: