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The Medical School, where the library and gym are located, has asked to share that they have a number of students with very severe peanut and tree nut allergies with reactions that include anaphylaxis. The Medical School has worked to eliminate peanuts and tree nuts from all of their catered meals and snacks but needs our assistance and awareness to make things as safe as possible.

The Medical School is asking that all health sciences community members avoid bringing nut products into the Med Ed Building

When you bring in outside food, please be cognizant that there are students with allergies to nuts and nut products and plan accordingly.  We know that this adjustment may be difficult for some but hope to keep things as safe as possible for everyone on campus.

Thank you for your adherence to this notification and I hope you each have a nice rest of the day,

Katherine H. Vosker, Ed.M.

Director of Student Affairs

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