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As we return back to normal life after COVID, we must remember all of those who are still affected by the turmoil caused by the pandemic. Food and housing insecurity have skyrocketed nationwide. Therefore, we have decided to give back to the local downtown community by collecting food donations for the Boston Rescue Mission.

Just a few blocks from TUSDM, the Boston Rescue Mission provides support and sustenance for those facing homelessness in our neighborhood. Given the increased number of individuals who are facing food insecurity, this is a great way to give back to our local community.

Starting Monday June 21st until July 2nd, we will be placing collection receptacles in the school lobby, the student lounge, and the mezzanine where we are asking people to place imperishable foods such as canned items and unopened packaged goods. Please take a look in your own cabinets and pantries for food that you don’t need and can share with others. We request that you make sure the food is non-perishable and within date. Please do not donate any foods that require refrigeration.

Thanks for doing your part to give back to those in need. Together, we can help build a better world for those who are in need of our help.


All the best,

Tufts Alpha Omega


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