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Christina Ferraro, director of Clinical Services at Tri-County Community Action Program, the nonprofit that runs the Tamworth Dental Center. (Alli Fam/NHPR)

Inequalities to access dental care have been a long-lasting issue that has been highlighted due to the pandemic. Insurance restrictions being a massive barrier for low-income individuals making dental care unaffordable. This in turn, forces people to neglect their oral health and suffer in pain.

“Even a mask couldn’t hide how swollen Jennifer Hill’s face was. Two of her teeth were throbbing. “I haven’t eaten since Friday,” she said. “And even that was minimal.”

Office closures and fear of the virus led many Granite Staters to put off preventative care, which, down the road, has meant a pent up demand for services, and some emergencies that could have been avoided.”

Read how the Tamworth Dental Center is “serving the whole state still” throughout the pandemic.

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WBUR article written by: Alli Fam, New Hampshire Public Radio

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