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Meet this Week’s Jumbo of the Week

Corin Kwasnik!

Undergraduate Education: Exercise Science- Montana State University
Favorite Thing about TUSDM/Why you chose Tufts: I chose TUSDM because of the family connection and global relationships individuals create.
Fun Fact About yourself/Things involved in outside of School: I am the youngest of 15 siblings.
I have climbed the tallest mountain in North America, Europe, and Africa. One day during quarantine, I hiked for 63 miles and gained over 16,000 ft. without stopping (time: 25:45:00).

D24 Jumbo of the Week

π™ˆπ™šπ™šπ™© π™©π™π™žπ™¨ π™¬π™šπ™šπ™ ’𝙨 π™…π™π™ˆπ˜½π™Š 𝙀𝙛 π™©π™π™š π™¬π™šπ™šπ™ , π™π™–π™«π™ž π™‹π™–π™©π™šπ™‘ !

Hometown: Waltham, MA

Positions of leadership at TUSDM: Pulmonary Liaison

Favorite thing(s) about Tufts and/or Boston? I love how there are so many things to do based on how the seasons change! From snowboarding to going to the beach, there’s so much to do. Also the sports teams, best in the country. Lastly, I love all the different types of restaurants, I love food!

Fun Fact(s) about yourself and/or hobbies? Fun fact: I’m blocked on Instagram by Tom Brady
Hobbies: watching movies, snowboarding, eating, and napping!

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